The Exies at Pop's--Heading for the Door to Larger Venues
J. Gordon
6/16/2005 10:23:43 AM

It may have been the impending severe summer storm. It might have been because it was a work night. It may have been the fact that many minors aren’t allowed to venture over to the evil East Side. Whatever the reason, it was astounding that the FREE Exies show at Pop’s didn’t fill the room this past Monday.

Sponsored by 105.7 The Point and held at Pop’s, lead singer Scott Stevens told the crowd that the show was the band’s way of apologizing for missing their May PointFest gig due to illness.

Excluding the Neanderthals in the moshpit, causing music lovers to waste half their attention fearing for their lives (or at least, their feet), the show was energetic, with great sound and the consistently perfect performance by the band. Vocalist Scott Stevens has one of those dependably flawless voices, replicating every note from their Head for the Door [Virgin Records] CD in perfect pitch—yet just rough and rocking enough not to be too pretty. A live acoustic preview of the show on the radio that afternoon also clinched the fact that this band can turn out a perfect performance any time, any where.

The Exies’ live show outdoes their (really great) debut CD and one should catch them live to really understand their sound and feel; much closer to the beautifully muddy energy of Nirvana than the cleaner-sound of the CD recording will have you believe. The crowd at Pop’s—and the even smaller crowd at Mississippi Nights a few months back—are part of a lucky few: The Exies are stadium-quality great, and they won’t be playing small venues much longer.


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