My American Heart: Positively Warped and Loving It
J. Gordon
6/26/2005 10:22:25 PM

"For a five-foot, four-inch Asian guy, I’d say I’m pretty sexy"

The name, “My American Heart” seems especially fitting for this extremely young, talented San Diego-based five-piece band with its wonderful mix of culture. After all, they’re representative of all the best things about this infamous melting pot: the U.S. of A. After previously calling themselves “No Way Out,” they learned that another band had dibbs on that moniker --but that didn’t matter much because in hindsight; it wasn’t true to their vibe, which is all about a good time, high energy, and everything positive.

And positive things are happening with My American Heart!

“Ever since we started the band a few years ago it’s been our dream to do Warped Tour,” says the diminutive Filipino lead singer Larry Soliman. “It’s the tour of the summer. This is our Coachella!” It’s important for Larry to get across to us that while they’re so young (he’s just 18, and some members of the band are still 17), they’ve been playing together for three years and working very, very hard at the 3 P’s: practicing, playing and promoting, to get where they are today.

“We’re really young. That helps a lot,” says Larry. “We’ve been doing this since we were fourteen. Just trying to become the best we can be. For our age, I think we’re really good.”

Larry seems to have a natural instinct for marketing, knowing not only how to capitalize on his age, but to work his opportunities to the hilt. In fact, when a lot of bands might think that Warped Tour means they’ve made it and can take a break, Larry says, “It’s a great opportunity to build a good fan base…”

One of the more melodic bands on Warped Tour 2005, My American Heart has an insanely tight and energetic onstage performance, with good strong harmonies and catchy choruses that get the audience singing and moving (despite the heat), as well as rushing to buy their new self-titled EP [Warcon Records].

“It’s been hot, but fun,” says bass player Keith as he wipes the sweat from his forehead. The band says that working and playing alongside gods such as Underoath is a real high point on the tour.

“It’s so cool to wake up and see all your favorite bands. I mean, we get to eat breakfast with them!” says Keith with an expression of awe.

So is Keith as crazy offstage as on?

“Keith is from Iowa. Enough said!” laughs Larry. Keith admits it like it’s an embarrassment, and describes himself as quiet and reserved.

Larry goes on to elaborate on the personalities of the rest of the band:

“Jeremy, our guitar player, is like Eeyore. He’s like, ‘heeeey guys…’ really monotone. My guitar player, Jesse, is really outspoken. He’s really crazy when you get to know him, but quiet when you first meet him. And Steven, that guy’s fuckin’ crazy, man! He looks like a turtle. But he’s a cute turtle. He’s nice. And me?”

“Amazingly sexy!” Keith interjects.

“For a five-foot, four-inch Asian guy, I’d say I’m pretty sexy,” Larry jokes.

“Larry’s charismatic and funny. He’s my guy. My little buddy,” says Keith, looking like he means it.

And what should readers know about My American Heart, if we could boil it down to just a few words?

“We rock,” laughs Larry.

Tell us something we don’t know!

My American Heart’s new, self-titled EP is available to stream on, as well as their two demos, “Don’t Sleep,” and “White Lines” which are available for download.

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