Lapush's Debut CD: essential pop to keep your summer cool
J. Gordon
7/9/2005 3:38:18 PM

Self Titled [FourFiveSix]

Lapush [FourFiveSix]—signed to the label created by TRL’s Carson Daly, St. Louis band, Lapush, are a beautiful mix of electronic, acoustic and strings in their debut eponymous CD. There’s a lot of alternative pop icon influence here; especially in the Thom Yorke-ish skillful vocals and Coldplay-smart song structure.

The band has had some good exposure as of late, playing Kasabian's aftershow last May, getting regular spins on Les Aaron's New Music Sunday on KPNT, and a Ticketmaster New Music Spotlight at the Pageant (free show!) on August 6th.

Strongest tracks include “Sticking Around,” and a perfect little love song that you can’t get out of your head called, “Aurora.” “Tout Le Monde” revisits the electronic 1990s and is imminently danceable; “Lucky One” is the most Radiohead-esque of all and could be right off The Bends or OK Computer (and that’s a compliment). “Quit You Now” and “Car Song” are other catchy tunes you won’t soon forget. The album boasts a clean sound thanks to the fine production by John B. Davis. All Lapush’s songs have their distinct differences to make them shine and not meld together like so many one-trick pony CDs; yet, there’s a cohesive mood to these ten tracks that makes it playable straight through.

A CD to sit alone with, or to romance to. Oftentimes, it’s sweet, sweet melancholy, and above all, it’s cool.

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