Sinead O'Connor's Collaborations
J. Gordon
7/9/2005 5:33:14 PM

Sinead O'Connor
Collaborations [Capitol]

If you’d like a great introduction to one of the strongest, most honest and unique female voices of the 1980s and 90s, or if you’re a Sinead fan, Sinead O’Connor’s Collaborations [Capitol] is an essential CD. Backed up by the best artists in electronic-alternative, each song positively reeks of coolness.

One of pop’s great collaborators, these songs date back as far as 1986 (“Heroine” with U2’s The Edge) to 2003 (“It’s all Good” with Damien Dempsey). This album is chock full of hypnotic, uplifting, danceable electronic world music. The 17 tracks give Sinead room for every mood and every expression, supporting her with unbelievable talent well-matched to her own.

The The’s collaborative track, “Kingdom of Rain” was recorded in 2001, but sounds as late 80s--early 90s as any of their other stuff. Interestingly, the songs with heavy hitters like U2, Moby, and Peter Gabriel are not as strong as the tracks by bands such as Massive Attack, Asian Dub Foundation, Bomb the Bass, Ghostland, and Jah Wobble’s Invaders of the Heart.

The only down side to this CD is that 17 tracks is just too much music. When you’re done with it, you’re more than ready to hear something else. But, whether you’re talking fashion, political gestures or music, overkill did always seem to be one of Sinead’s weaknesses. In any case, pick up a copy, program your favorites into your music library, and enjoy.


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