Weezer with Ben Folds and The Fray: Old school classic with a twist
Shanna Ryan
7/30/2005 10:22:03 PM

Weezer has been on the scene for years, and it shows. At their July 22 Savvis Center show in St. Louis, thousands of excited fans crammed as close to the stage as possible while others filled up most of the seats waiting to catch a glimpse of headliners. Like most concerts, restless audience attendees weren’t interested in sitting through the opening bands before getting to hear and see the “good stuff”, but this particular show was a little different. From beginning to end, the evening was packed with a wide variety of good, unique music.

The show began with a new emo band--with something extra--called The Fray. Lacking the confidence of a seasoned band, they began their set a little slow, but pulled it off in the end. Lead singer, Isaac Slade, in particular, is really fun to watch. He has a very powerful voice and dances as though he really feels the music. By the end of their set, the crowd wouldn’t have minded seeing more, but of course, Weezer was still to come.

Next up was Ben Folds, a long-time underground talent ever increasing in mainstream popularity. Who would have thought adding a grand piano to a rock band would be a hit? It is, in fact, a huge hit. A large number of the devoted fans were sporting homemade Ben Folds tee shirts. Ben and his band were a blast to watch, incorporating so many different styles from rock, to rap, to some sort of beach boy rock; it changed from song to song. As the band rocked out on their drums and guitar, Ben Folds rocked out on his piano. Rarely has a piano received such a beating, especially when he jumped up on top of it and began to teach the audience to harmonize. He was very patient, and after a few minutes, the audience caught on, creating a beautiful effect! Many in the crowd raised their lighters (not to mention cell phones) and the whole place was awash with a rhythmic swaying glow.

But that night the old saying, “saving the best for last” was appropriate. Weezer brought up the rear, fulfilling everyone’s expectations of their greatness! With an impressive color-changing backdrop, they were stunning not only musically, but visually. The lights radiated around the band members creating patterns of light on the dark walls of the theater. Weezer started out with songs from their first album, appeasing their true, from-the-start fans. As their show went on, you could hear all around you avid fans singing along with their favorite band. The vocals switched every few songs, giving the other members of the band a chance to share the spotlight. During their new hit “Beverly Hills,” the members of The Fray came rushing back on to the stage, shirtless (oh yeah, baby!), and began to bow down to Rivers Cuomo, Weezer’s lead singer, in honor of his greatness. One of the band members wore a bra, (who knows where he got that from) and attached it to Cuomo’s microphone stand, mimicking a love struck girl. After the song was over, Cuomo had to remove the bra along with all the other shirts and clothing the fans had thrown at him (naughty fans)! All in all the show proved to be most exciting, and everyone will be counting down the days until they return to the STL.


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