BOO! Scary Kids Scaring Kids
Dawn Ryan
7/30/2005 10:52:18 PM

What’s the sound, you ask? Think: screamo with the occasional 1970s style big-guitar solos, added to 1980s synthesizer influences, with a hardcore touch. For those who saw the guys at the Warped Tour, or at the Hi-Pointe in St. Louis this July, they put on a crowd-surfing, head-banging, heart-pumping musical performance. The band is high-energy, perhaps a touch insane, and...nudists? From where the audience stood, the drummer, Peter Costa, appeared naked due to a few well-positioned cymbals and snares.

Tyson Stevens is a lanky, dark-haired guy with a handsome face and just the right look for a frontman. He added to the façade, walking into the interview with the overwhelming smell of Old Spice, which of course, the guys gave him tons of flak for. Singing into a vintage microphone to add to his cool sound, Tyson asked when he walked on the stage, “Are we allowed to smoke in here?” which got everyone laughing. The Hi-Pointe has no rules.

Scary Kids Scaring Kids began three years ago in Phoenix, AZ. The six-piece band works wonders together blending the sounds of the three guitarists, Steve Kirby, Chad Crawford, and DJ Wilson, along with Pouyan Afkary’s unique keyboarding skills, Peter Costa’s mad drumming moves, and sealing it with the sounds of Tyson Stevens' vocals. Tyson speaks for the group, showing their determination, when he says, “we have a pretty decent local following, but we are still working our way up there.”

Pouyan, the band’s keyboardist, is of Mexican descent and wears his hair straight up like flames burning off his head. He’s full of energy, even after a two-day drive, and he obviously loves to have fun, on and off the stage, which this night, included doing a strip tease mid-show. He does feel the effects of the long days and travel some nights of the tour life. “You get little to no rest, you can’t really do anything on your own ime, but it is a lot of fun.”

The question is, what are the Scary Kids to do while on the road, when schedules are jammed packed and they are at the mercy of their tour van? The only answer is: trouble and practical jokes. When we asked, this creepy crew of guys were tentative, but with a push Pouyan revealed all, “DJ passed out in Sacramento, where we got stranded for a few days, 'cause our old van broke down. We stuck a funnel with baking soda and vinegar in his bum and it created a little volcano. It was a science project. We just like to educate when we go on the road...”

Immediately following the story they all glanced down at a roadie who was bending over, showing major ass-crack. Turning to Pouyan, we said, “it looks like you have another opportunity right here.”

In the last half of the Hi-Pointe show, Tyson looked severely tired and dehydrated. He kept sitting down toward the end of the set and asking for water. Appearing to be on the verge of passing out, the lack of air-conditioning didn’t help. Still, he managed to pull off a strong and energetic performance. Tyson said, “the band was a little out of it, and deservedly so, after a 40-hour bus ride from California.”

This vivacious band has more talent than just strutting around and creating volcanoes out of bums, which they clearly showed from beginning to end, still scaring the kids who are smart enough to come back time after time.


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