No Mourning for Here's To The Mourning
Dawn Ryan
7/30/2005 11:03:07 PM

Unwritten Law
Here’s to the Mourning (Laca)

Unwritten Law celebrates Here’s to the Mourning [Lava Records] shining each song with rays of energy and excitement. A beyond-successful follow-up to the quintet's breakthrough album, Elva (which sold upwards of 400,000 albums--not bad for a little old punk band, eh?), the new album has sold 125,000 copies to date and continues upwards. Scott Russo’s strong vocals are supported by the musical beats of guitarists Steve Morris and Rob Brewer, bass guitarist Pat Kim, and drummers Tony Palermo and Adrian Young. The songs on the album, “Get Up,” “Because of You,” and “She Says” are catchy and create an upbeat desire within to shake and groove to the beats. They are so addictive, after the first few times of listening to the CD all the way through you're sure to be belting out at least a chorus or two.

The songs do, though, have a very similar feel between them, but not too much consistency to come close to boring the listener. It’s obvious these guys had a great time making this album. The feel the listeners get from just listening to the songs gives an idea of the fun they must have had creating it. The freeing and explosive track, “Lost Control” is perfect after a long day when you want to just break loose. The very controversial (XXX-rated cartoon) music video to the track, “Save Me,” as well as the song, are just a tad bit amusing after getting over the morbid storyline. The fact that it has a storyline is entertaining in itself. People need to just relax and just enjoy! “Save Me”, which made the Top 10 in the Alternative Charts, is also one of those songs that can be a cathartic release and will connect with anybody who has had a day that has gone wrong. “I Like the Way” is a very feisty love song for the track that will turn anyone on thinking about the opposite sex. The beats to this track add a special spice to this already very well-seasoned collection of tunes. The song “Walrus” is the exception on the album. It has a completely unique, laid-back feel, different from the rest of the tracks. It transports the listener to a new era. It is a nice touch and conclusion to the album. In fact, the entire CD, Here’s to the Mourning, doesn’t contain a bad song.

Whether you're a newcomer or a long-time fan of this San Diego-based punk band, Here’s to the Mourning connects each song to the listener and makes it easy to enjoy the sounds they create together. Unwritten Law is Scott Russo on vocals/guitar; Pat Kim on bass; Steve Morris on guitar; Rob Brewer on guitar; and newly added drummer Tony Palermo. For more information log onto They are currently on tour with 311 and Papa Roach.


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