The Edukators: Lessons in Rebellion
J. Gordon
8/21/2005 9:49:42 PM

Starring quite possibly the best-looking group of young German actors to grace our planet, The Edukators is a laugh-out-loud and then hold-your-breath movie with great acting, a terrific story--and a surprise ending to throw you for a loop once you think you’ve got it all figured out.

Three idealist young Germans (Daniel Bruhl as Jan, Julia Jentsch as Jule, and Stipe Erceg as Peter), with a heavy leaning toward Communism, are out to change the world—or at least their little corner of Germany. By day, they protest sweatshops and get toted off in paddywagons, when they’re not working to pay the bills as servants in their own kind of sweatshop. At night, they break into the mansions of the wealthy, stealing nothing, and intent only to rearrange furniture and leave notes saying things like, “You make too much money” or “Your days of plenty are numbered.” One evening, they break into the wrong home and, through a series of mishaps, find themselves with a hostage. An intriguing love triangle develops during this trio’s crisis and the smart hostage knows how to play these kids like a fiddle.

Interestingly, the official movie website, is a serious effort to encourage moviegoers to rethink capitalism and embrace the beliefs of the story’s characters. Writer/Director Hans Weingartner encourages revolution and rebellion through creative non-violent means, nostalgic of the late 1960s. “We want people to come out of The Edukators and tap into their revolutionary zeal. Don’t just hang out! Rebel! It can be fun,” says Weingartner on the site.

Whether or not you agree with the ferocious anti-capitalism beliefs of The Edukators, don’t hold Weingartner’s beliefs against this movie. These unlikely heroes are exceedingly likeable and you can’t help but root for them. Also note the beautiful cinematography by Daniela Knapp and Matthias Schellenberg--and a kick-ass soundtrack of 33 tracks that ranges from Franz Ferdinand, Depeche Mode, Leonard Cohen, Jeff Buckley, Radio 4 to German music such as Tocotronic and T. Raumschmiere. If this CD is ever is released in America, it should easily overtake the sales of everything before and since Garden State. Available on The movie, The Edukators, is sub-titled.


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