Spanning the Musical World With MusT
Mike Hess
6/2/2002 11:14:24 AM

London rockers MusT’s debut album, Androgynous Jesus [Wind Up] may be a bit-of-this and a pinch-of-that with its musical stylings, but the songs stick to one basic format throughout the 11 tracks – harmonically marvelous. Whether it be the funk-soaked bass and the Jagger-like swagger that singer Dave Ireland cranks out in “Bubblegum Sleaze”, or an uplifting anthem as in “Rust”, MusT steers clear of the current brit-pop trend by spewing out good-old heartfelt rock ‘n’ roll.

“Rust” stands heads above other tracks, as Ireland’s quiet Bono-esque verses culminate into a true ballad chorus that only bands like Journey or Foreigner could produce. It’s a song of finding pure self-inspiration to go out and love. Not too bad a theme when all music seems to be headed down the road of woe-is-me darkness.

As a three-piece band (Reuben Alexander-Drums, Kaiser-Bass), the sound isn’t painfully complex and overbearing, leaving Ireland’s vocals to shine through as their primary strength.

MusT’s first single “Freechild” also deals with the basis of love, as do many of the 11 tracks (some titles for instance are “Heartbreaker”, “Hey Baby” and “Moving On”).

The vibes vary as the record progresses, as tracks like “Very Wicked” show a hard edge to the band, as Ireland’s voice takes on a bit of Chris Cornell during his Soundgarden days. The jagged heaviness remains during “One Night Stand” and “Heartbreaker”, while I-Can’t-Believe-It’s-Not-Bono shines again during the verses of “No Way Out”, an anthem for liberation from oppressive parents.

Call me a cynic, but the U2 thing is getting a bit out of hand. Exhibit 1: U2 has a song titled “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”, while MusT chimes in with track 10, “I’ll Find What I’ve Been Seeking”. Coincidence? You make the call.

Either way, MusT scatters the musical playing field with tempo changes and vocal versatility that’s been long lost in the current herd of bands. Look for “Rust” to be a radio hit this summer, and possibly an inspirational single for a movie worthy of it’s power.

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