Thrice, UnderØath, The Bled, and Veda: A Can't Miss Success
Ross Gordon
10/23/2005 10:27:13 PM

Thrice, UnderØath, The Bled, and Veda-Sunday night, in the worst part of town. Wow, this predominantly underage show must have taken some serious begging to parents considering the location, at East St. Louis’ club, Pops (located between two local strip clubs), was completely packed!

First up was Veda. They didn’t fit in too well with the other bands playing that night, but they were nicely welcomed by the crowd. They consisted of a simple indie set-up with a female vocalist with a high-pitched voice. When the set was finished, everyone was ready to for the next band, The Bled.

The Bled, a hardcore band from Tucson, Arizona, got all the mosh-pits and crowd surfing started. The five-piece band gave all their energy and it definitely was a success as many new fans left with their record, Found in the Flood [Vagrant Records].

Next up was what seemed like the majority of the fans were waiting for, UnderØath. With an amazing light show, the crowd was pumped up instantly. UnderØath’s back drop was their newest album cover, They’re Only Chasing Safety, a Special Edition CD/DVD from Solid State, which is now in stores. They opened up with the first song on the CD, “Young and Aspiring,” a great start to both the CD and the show which opens with vocalist Spencer Chamberlin screaming his lungs out. Halfway during the set, drummer Aaron Gillespie made a comment about how he wasn’t sure how to pronounce “Sauget” (the other name for East St. Louis) and how he was saying “Sa-get” all day. They played several songs off their newest album and finished off with the song, “A Boy Brushed Red Living in Black and White.”

Last but certainly not least, Thrice took the stage. The post-hardcore band from Orange County, California was greeted to screaming, excited fans. They started off playing mainly songs from the new CD, Vheissu [Island Records], which features “Red Sky” and “Image of the Invisible.” Fans weren’t even slightly tired from UnderØath, The Bled, or Veda. Thrice’s moshing was just as rough and the crowd had plenty of energy left. They finished with, “Deadbolts,” along with another song. When Thrice left, the crowd managed to get a two song encore out of them, which included an acoustic version of their hit, “Stare Into the Sun.”

Strip clubs and school nights? Not to worry: a lineup this good can only be a success.

Pictured: Thrice


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