Are They Only Chasing Money? Naw...Underoath's new DVD: worth every penny
Ross Gordon
11/15/2005 11:05:48 PM

For the Price of their last CD, (They’re Only Chasing Safety) [Tooth and Nail Records], Underoath fans now will have many hours to chase down a good time. This CD/DVD features all 10 tracks off of the latest original release, plus 4 ‘bonus’ tracks including “I Have 10 Friends and a Crowbar That Says You Ain’t Gonna Do Jack,” “The 80’s Song,” “You’re So Intricate,” and “Smic Tague.” Die-hard fans will know that the new songs aren’t really all that new—they were demos that have been cycling around for a while and have now been polished up, given new names and put on a real CD.

The DVD is best part of this re-release, and its worth the price alone. Loaded with over 2 hours of footage, including interviews, live performances and moments from just about every city of every tour they’ve been on this year. Underoath starts by saying a prayer before they play a show. This Christian band does this before every show and they believe that every band should have a purpose. And we can thank God that the music doesn’t beat us over the head with messages, but chooses just to set a good example and rock it.

Finally, the gorgeous artwork by Jacob Bannon polishes this project to a weird perfection. It’s worth every penny and a great idea for any hardcore/screamo fan’s Christmas stocking.


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