The Magic Numbers: A Prime Example of a Great Debut
Mike Dague
12/14/2005 4:58:42 PM

At first listen, the Magic Numbers seem to be a punk band with meaningless happy beats. After a few more seconds of listening, nothing would be more insulting than as to call this band punk. The Magic Numbers' self-titled debut album [EMI] is an incredible blend of indie-pop, folk rock and, of course, a little punk thrown in.

With emotion and meaning tossed into each track, they seem to glide effortlessly through songs. Oftentimes, while lead singer Romeo Stodart will be belting out some determined line ("Baby, Please! Don't give up this fight!"), the Magic Numbers sound like a soul band from the seventies, except it's much catchier. The back up singers, Angela Gannon and Romeo's sister; Michele, are certainly easy to listen to. All in all, a great, original album that seems to grow and change for the better every time that you hear it.


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