Citrus: Oh Well
Mike Dague
12/14/2005 5:28:44 PM

What is there to say about Citrus? Well, with comparisons to Radiohead, Coldplay, and U2, they're not the "great new sound" that some other reviewers are calling them--more like a boy band with attitude. The lead singer, Jeff Andreasson, has a striking vocal similarity with Adam Levine, from Maroon Five, except Jeff doesn't whine as much.

Citrus' latest effort, Oh Well [Jezebel Records] has an energetic, Brit-pop sound. While the bandmembers are from Sweden and Denmark, they formed in LA, releasing their first CD, Largo Divine in 2000 which hit #19 on the country charts, but this latest effort sounds nothing like country. It's a good music that they're writing, it just sounds like everything else. Occasionally remarkable, at most times very catchy; this album isn't bad--it's just what all the bad bands are already playing.


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