Chris Bono: Ten Senators and the Rebel Son
Mike Dague
12/14/2005 5:49:47 PM

If country and alternative had a baby together, it would be Chris Bono. Yes, the Rebel Son sounds like Kid Rock, but he's actually good. His songs, to put it bluntly, kick ass.

Sometimes it sounds as if he's coming from the lighter/poppier side of the eighties metal scene. Other times, he sounds like the missing "&" in Big & Rich. His new album, Ten Senators and the Rebel Son [P Squared Records], is both inventive and classic. His lyrics are that strange combination of moving, funny and bad-ass, sometimes all three at once (as in his song, "Karma's Such a Bitch"). His strange rant about the war on terrorism at the end is an extra political point of view that nobody knew they wanted, until they listen to it. On the whole, a great album to listen to on road trips, and definitely a jewel for any music fans collection.


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