Over the Years and Through the Woods: The Queens know how to kill it live!
Mike Dague
12/26/2005 10:22:13 PM

Anticipated. Delivered. Killed. Public Humiliation. All of these things can describe the Queens of the Stone Age's newest live album, Over the Years and Through the Woods [Interscope Records]. On it they stylishly recreate masterpieces from the previous albums, and put forth an effort most fans didn't or wouldn't have expected. At the end of “Monsters in the Parasol,” a classic from the album Rated R, front-man Josh Homme publicly humiliates a delinquent in the crowd who was "throwing shit at me." After that particular highlight, Josh then gives a crazy, drug-induced speech about partying that Jim Morrison would have been proud of. Throughout the entire show they weave a brilliant tapestry of sounds, picking up momentum as the album progresses. At the end, you are left stunned in a mixed state of wonder and euphoria. This album makes you want to kick some one's ass.

The DVD presents the Queens' 22 August 2005 show at London's Brixton Academy in its entirety, in addition to a host of fan-pleasing extras such as clips from every previous Queens tour. Never saw Dave Grohl with the band? Miss Nick Oliveri on bass or the genius of Mark Lanegan? Here’s your chance to see it all again—or the first time. There is a lot of musical chairs between band members that gives fans a slightly uneasy feeling for the future of QOTSA, but it’s fun nonetheless. Some of the visuals are a bit washed out, but that also gives it a blurry, stoner feeling that fits the mood just right. The entire package contains over three hours of visuals and 75 minutes of audio.

Yes, the only thing that I can even possibly see wrong with this CD/DVD is that when I tried to rip the front sticker off, it left a gluey residue. All tangents and obscurities aside, however, this is the trophy of any the Queens' fan's collection. Brilliantly done, I hope this isn't the last we hear from Queens of the Stone Age.


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