Pilotdrift's water sphere: what dreams listen to
Mike Dague
1/18/2006 10:07:43 PM

Why is Pilotdrift so amazing? Is it because they play through a diverse range of music? Is it because you're more likely to hear bells, xylophones and organs instead of real drums? Is it because no one else makes music like this? Well, it's all of those things. Listen to water sphere [Good Records] and find out for yourself.

In truth, Pilotdrift is really this dreamscape-y collection of fantasies that just reek with accomplishment and emotions. In the song "BubbleCraft," they sound just like the theme to the original Star Trek. Sometimes you can feel what Kelly Carr (lead singer and band lyricist) is saying rather than hear it. They are what dreams listen to. Imagine a Disney movie soundtrack with no real show tunes, but still amazing orchestral phenomenas at every second. When you're listening to them they can make anywhere seem like an opera house balcony. No joke, Pilotdrift is astounding.


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