The Apparitions: As This is Futuristic is long overdue
Mike Dague
1/18/2006 10:50:27 PM

The Apparitions describe themselves as "golden pop rock." I actually couldn't think of a better title for them, so don't expect a smartass sub-genre in this article. On their CD, As this is Futuristic [Machine Records], they instantly hook you into a web of uplifting punk-styled melodies. The first classic of the album, "Electricity + Drums," is indescribably euphoric. The second song, "Motor Skills," abides by the Apparitions', as-of-right-now un-established, tradition of kicking ass. The rest of As This is Futuristic follows this fantastic suit, constantly casting out variables and relentlessly rocking. A punk album this good hasn't come out since the Libertine's self-titled in 2004. That probably doesn't seem too long ago, but believe me; the Apparitions have long been over due.


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