Why?things burn: the Your Flowers EP
Mike Dague
1/18/2006 10:54:10 PM

So your friend drags you to a rave and you're hesitant to go because of all the bad things you hear about that goes on in them. But you go anyway. It's nothing special; there are a lot of sweaty people there, but they all seem to like you so it balances out. But then this amazing song comes on and you ask your friend what band it is. They tell you one thing, and you get a little confused at the title, until you think about it and get it. The name of the band, is Why?things burn, and they're catchy as hell.

You really have to be into the whole techno scene to truly appreciate Why?things burn, but they have no problem adjusting your taste slightly. On their EP, Your Flowers [TON Music], the third track, "Sweet as Honey," is so good that the band Joy Division would be jealous. Singer R.J. Vasquez really has a mind for his music, as he incoherently shouts out lines like, "You make me a better man. You are the one I'm looking for." Really a good band to listen to, but, like all techno, sometimes it gets repetitive. Still, it's wonderfully original and remarkably fulfilling for a six-song CD.


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