Underworld Evolution: a sequel none of us have been waiting for
Vincent Francone
1/29/2006 9:14:30 PM

I suppose Underworld deserved a sequel but it has been so long since I have seen it that nothing about Underworld Evolution connected with me. That or I just don’t care. Vampires and werewolves are always fun, but to have to create such a mythology about them really starts to make me yawn. I grow tired of exposition, back story, all the endless explanations that the post-Matrix thrill rides try to concoct. Whatever happened to the good old days when vampires were demons that wanted to suck your blood and that was all one needed to know?

Essentially just an excuse to showcase Kate Beckinsale in tight fitting outfits, guns blazing in an emulation of so many other female badasses, the Underworld series really delivers very little and demands a lot. We have some violence but all of it so cartoonish it really doesn’t matter. We have guns that shoot UV light and hybrid monsters that seem immune to damn near everything. We have another story about “the first vampire” to add to the already crowded mythology. It really is a bit too much for the average lunkhead to keep straight or care about. So maybe Underworld Evolution will appeal to comic geeks and internet goons who like to live in such detailed worlds. I suppose that isn’t me because I found it hard to keep my eyes open during this movie.


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