A Little Bit Lost in AM Syndicate's Empire
Mike Dague
1/29/2006 10:21:08 PM

Hopefully the spotlight will shine on Am Syndicate soon, because this is the next great band to rock the alternative world. There's just the constant feeling of something missing.

Every great alternative band starts out their first recordings with a bunch of songs that are a little shaky; songs that don't show you everything, but point in the direction that the band wants to be in. AM Syndicate's new release, Empire [Sickroom Records, release date Feb. 3, 2006] is not excused from this. They do have those Man, these guys are hella cool! moments. And they have some really sinister songs that wouldn't sound out of place in an adaptation of Oliver Twist. Sometimes their alternative instruments hook you in, like an accordion added in or a violin to get your attention. Then, a killer drum beat will keep you going. Overall, listening to this band is really enjoyable.

Their problem is that they have a bunch of good ideas, but unformulated and pushed together too soon. They're good undefined, but it sounds like they want to be weirder than they are, with a dark lullaby sound. AM Syndicate has a lot of talent; they know where they want to be. They just seem a little lost right now.


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