Pixies Sell Out 2004 DVD!
Mike Dague
2/23/2006 10:25:42 PM

Back from all their musical spin-offs and selfish tangents (not including drummer David Lovering, who sought a career as a professional magician), the Pixies decided to set aside their differences, reunite and perform as one of the most renowned and respected alternative legends in the world. Only the Pixies, only this godly band could possible put together a DVD, their Sell Out 2004: Reunion Tour [Rhino] so packed with brilliant footage (including amazing clips from the tour in Europe and the Pixies at Coachella) and bonuses (yes, there are 15 bonus songs, 16 if you count “The Holiday Song”). The first thing that you notice is that Frank Black has lost all his hair and put on a little weight, but it's okay because he still screams cool, literally.

The opening song, “Bone Machine,” has clips from a lot of the cities on the reunion tour, intricately spliced together to make it one perfect song of seven amazing versions. No other band could perform well enough to pull this off, and without David Lovering’s metronomic timing, neither could the Pixies. When “U-Mass” kicks in, every syllable screamed by Frank Black has both fury and heart all over it. No song is the same as the studio version, and they're all unique in their minor adjustments. Kim Deal sounds as if she hasn't aged at all and Joey Santiago's Spanish fingers have never been faster on a fret board. The jewel of any Pixies enthusiast, it's one of the best things the Pixies put out since Pixies At the BBC came out in '97.

The bonus features are just as cool as the main footage. The first album classic, “Nimrod's Son,” gets halfway through until they slow it down to this bluesy bar-jam that I've been waiting to hear again since the tour itself in '04. Is this the best DVD ever? No. Is it the best DVD the Pixies ever put out? No. Is it still pretty damn good? Totally.


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