The Pigs: OINK!-- Tacky and Catchy
Mike Dague
2/23/2006 10:29:25 PM

Feeling nostalgic for 80's pop music, but too sick to put on that that Cars album again? Try the Pigs, OINK! [Disturbing Music] who are eerily original, for sounding like a blast from the past. Like weird synth-pop, the Pigs are just as shallow as the ideal 80's rock band. The lead singer, Geoff Westen, has vocals that are a dead ringer for David Byrne’s, and in fact, the Pigs' song structures are much like those of the Talking Heads, pre-Green Peace.

The first song, “Saturday Night,” starts off the record with intense keyboards and Westen's dreamy, sing-song voice shouting about girls and their boyfriends. Another song to mention is “I'm Sick,” which seems to be Geoff Westen's leave-me-alone song on the album and it kicks ass. If this band came out twenty years ago, it would be an instant classic. Now, unfortunately, they're a little bit of a joke. Although they completely deliver what they promise, they're not really a band that you're going to be in the mood for too often, and that's okay. The real flaw with this band is that they are completely tacky and their taste is a little eccentric--neither of which have anything to do with the music itself. But overlooking that, they're talented as hell and their songs are just too catchy to ignore. The Pigs truly deserve to have at least one of their songs on everyone's i-Pod.


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