When One Percentis The Strongest Proof
Mike Dague
2/23/2006 10:31:55 PM

Constantly screaming and ever bleak, metal/grunge-group The Strongest Proof's One Percent [Phratry Records] is really a jam band at heart. With moaning vocals, most of the songs start out with a low pitch bass lick in the minor chord, and then pick up with the drums and the guitar following the bass player, a la anything you’ve heard at the last Bonnaroo fest lineup. Matt Tomlinson sings like Dave Grohl, and his voice is seldom heard from the beginning to the end of a song. About medium-well in quality, one of their trademarks is always stopping during a song and then starting back up after Tomlinson howls out his message. The song, “The Curse,” climaxes with a build-up that seems imminent and fully delivers a head-banging ending that would be the envy of the likes of Incubus and Queens of the Stone Age. The next song, “Live for Something,” is determined to be the best track on the album; it charges above the rest with a style that's been formatted to match the Strongest Proof in novelty. The Strongest Proof can only be described as a band that rocks out slowly, with one exception; the last song, “Where are we Going,” rushes the album to a sudden, unexpected halt. They would be great opening for alternative/grunge acts like Tool or Chevelle, but they’ve got a little ways to go before they’d be called a great headliner.


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