The OTL EP by On Tracy Lane
Mike Dague
2/23/2006 10:33:57 PM

Not a lot of complaints about The OTL EP by On Tracy Lane. Unfortunately, not a lot of praise either. The songs are bound to be radio flavors of the week and the songs are happy with pop hooks; like the Click Five without suits. These are mostly average songs with catchy choruses and meaningless verses; a cliché rock band with a front man who writes about love and being cool. To put it short, not a whole lot to offer. On the image of On Tracy Lane, I'm not entirely sure how much money he's making from all this, but this album sounds like Darryn Yates sold out. He sings like Kurt Cobain on perk medicine, just belting out song after song of stereotypical rock that has become the grotesque picture of popular music. It wears a little thin at points, not that any of it is particularly hard on the ears; it's actually the exact opposite. There is nothing wrong with sounding like a million other bands if they sound good. The only problem is a million other bands are doing it.


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