Monday Morning's Fool's Paradise: almost there
Mike Dague
3/19/2006 8:57:12 PM

Monday Morningís angst-ridden songs of their debut CD, Foolís Paradise [Selectric] are the screaming picture of the grunge-worshipping nineties. Most of Monday Morningís songs are like a melting pot of popular rock: sometimes they sound a little more alternative, sometimes they sound a little more hardcore. Sadly, this means they come up a little short in the originality department. They're like mediocre renditions of Nirvana or Staind, or a watered down Puddle of Mud; however, this does not prevent them from putting forth a truly tenacious effort. At some points lead-singer Derek Stipe's vocals are as desolate and barren as the emptiest of dark alleys. Other times he's the captain of the platoon, leading the charge into a rock that's both anxious and collected.

Monday Morningís style is a bit comical: the cover is an apple with nails coming out of it (very Butthole Surfers), but letís not bust their chops over that. They have talent, especially Derek Stipe, whose voice excels to praise-worthy notes. Still, this bandís debut CD doesnít seem to be able to come out with anything that's quite on the genius level. The lyrics are well written, the songs are well structured; they just need a fresh dose of imagination. It is definitely a good album to have and Monday Morning is probably a band to keep your eye on. If the next album is just a little more creative than this one, it's worth a buy.


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