A-Frames' creepy-ass Black Forest: no shame
Mike Dague
4/2/2006 9:29:33 PM

With jungle drums and like guitar, Black Forest [Sub Pop] by the industrial sounding A-Frames, is one of the strangest albums to ever hold paranoia in such high regard. Blending frantic guitars with mellow-yet-disturbing vocals turns out to be one of the band’s catches. Another seems to be the short length of their songs; 11 of 14 of them are under three minutes long. And the last unique trait of the A-Frames is their out and out strange sound.

After the intro, “Black Forest I,” is a track called “Experiment,” the fantasy song that every metal geek will embrace. Their songs are catchy and they’d likely be popular if they weren't so weird. Erin Sullivan sings his bleak songs in a manner that says he's all but troubled about something. His songs are dark, the darker the catchier. “Death Train,“ for example, is one of the most beguiling songs on Black Forest, and the chorus goes "Death Train rolling on its final ride, Death Train rolling on its final ride." They somewhat resemble the sounds of the Butthole Surfers and Scratch Acid in the way that they are so inconceivably bizarre. A-Frames twist in between scratchy recordings and pogo-stick guitar playing with marching band drum beats. Black Forest ends with the last, and most distorted, of the Black Forest trilogy. To recap, A-Frames are a creepy-ass band who really doesn't care if anybody's listening. They make the weirdest and loudest songs they can. No shame in that.


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