Lose it to Morningwood
Robbie Brown
4/9/2006 7:47:17 PM

“Lost” would be a good word to describe Morningwood’s debut self-titled release [Capitol Records]. After all, the sound of these four members are lost to the standard categories of punk, alternative, or any other niche.

Also lost is any shred of inhibition--Morningwood will clinch fans to their seat as well as their hysterical, raunchy name (which ought to give you a few clues about the lyrics to songs like “Easy,” “Jetsetter,” and “Take Off Your Clothes.”

Fronted by tough-girl Chantal Claret, Morningwood’s vocals are rough, sexy and all fun, coupled with the fast, mostly harder rock-and-roll pace of her band; each member a stand-out musician and significant in his own right. With a mix-up of beats and lyrical moods, each of the eleven tracks has a mind of its own, and usually a story to chuckle over.

So, after successfully arousing even the most sexually over-stimulated musical generation, what’s next for Morningwood? We’re lost for ideas.


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