Talking with Messenjah Selah
Aldo Fonticiella
5/16/2006 1:06:26 PM

"This is when we really got to develop and start training them and nurture them in that way, the way of righteousness."

It was 3:30 in the morning and all were very tired from a magnificent Messenjah Selah performance at the Red, Gold and Green room in East Saint Louis. Thirty-two years since his creation, Messenjah Selah already carries the deep understanding Jah will. We asked him a few questions and this is what he had to say.

NT: First, I would like to give you an opportunity to give thanks and praises.

Selah: Give Him praises, to Yahweh I the Creator, same as say the Life Giver, the Sustainer of Life. No matter what name you want to call Him by, no matter what attribute you want to call Him by you know He is life, same as say He is love. Let Him bring it down to that basic, love create us all and love will sustain us all. So yeah man, give praises Messenjah Selah.

NT: So how do you keep so irie being off the rocks for all the time?

Selah: [Laughs] Well, irieness is really the meditation, you know what I mean? As a man think it so is he and Messenjah really try to maintain that Christ like thinking in every situation, in every shadow I trod. So, that within itself project. I N I vibes, and aura, and you know words, sound, and power so that is that.

NT: How is this tour working out for you?

Selah: Yeah man, I must say it has been a blessing, man. A grand opportunity and right now I just feel like I am doing the greatest thing within this time that I should be doing. Yeah, its lovely man, you got to really work it. You got to work it to get out there. Thanks so me can do this, travel city to city, town to town. I mean it is a fresh experience doing that still but it is joyful, it is joyful and just seeing Jah works manifesting and I purpose is just a fulfill.

NT: This time around the tour linked with some of the youth. How did you like working with the youth?

Selah: I love the youth, Love the youth them, really. With the music, I strive to really uplift. Keep that current going you know. Keep that positive vibe flowing that awareness in I N I. Even as children [in] basic school, high school, and kindergarten, whatever. This is when we really got to develop and start training them and nurture them in that way, the way of righteousness. It was love that really united the youth them tonight collaborate and really put forth that work.

NT What are your plans for the future?

Selah: It is the west coast now in another two weeks and I probably ride with that for about a month then head back down to Atlanta. Get down there and straighten up with the family, spend some time. Spread some love, receive some love and shortly after head down to Florida to finish up for the new album coming and that is lovely.

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Photo by Dave Foresman


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