The Unemployed: Who Needs Work?
Aldo Fonticiella
5/18/2006 1:05:46 PM

The Unemployed
Fuck Work [Creeque Alley Records]

Who really needs a job when you can stay home and make songs like these? Brian Broscoe’s playful lyrics are served on a platter of instrumental styles that pays tribute to popular rock n’ roll sounds from the genre's inception to the present day with just enough fizz to call it pop. Mostly about “like” and relationships the Unemployed are re-releasing Fuck Work [Creeque Alley Records] available for download on June 6th. Interestingly enough, the band was a one man operation until recently picking up drummer Tony Virgilio, and still looking for a bassist. Any takers? The Unemployed will get paid eventually by all the young girls that go crazy for this kind of stuff and surely the college boys will let them crash on the EZ chair.


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