Crucial Reggae From Outside Jamaica, Vol.2--Ride On, Dread I
Aldo Fonticiella
5/18/2006 1:18:57 PM

Various Artists
Crucial Reggae From Outside Jamaica, Vol.2 [Skank Productions]

Bringing it to you hard-core, soon to be representing more hills than the United Nations is Crucial Reggae From Outside Jamaica, Vol.2 is another complete expression of Rasta livity (culture) in these modern days. As always, the liner notes are comprehensive, providing a brief history on each of the featured artistes, lyrics, and even contact information. There are some returning artistes like Nasio Fountaine, Bambu Station, and Groundation singing songs that shall become reggae standards in due time. In addition, there are some new up and coming faces like Sheriff Ghale, Identity, and Zion Judah guaranteed to raise consciousness of I N I reasonings. Best of all, a portion of each album sold goes to support Doctors Without Borders, a not-for-profit organization that helps provide health care to needy people all around the world.. If the local record store doesn't yet have it, pick it up at Skank Productions by clicking the link above.


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