Three Days Grace's sophomore effort, One-X is one to check out
Brian Ruyle
6/26/2006 10:10:10 AM

Following up a successful album can be very difficult, especially when the previous album was one of the better releases in its genre. So it goes without saying that Three Days Grace have a lot riding on their follow-up, One-X [Jive Records]. And while this album will undoubtedly please their fans, it isn’t the extraordinary follow-up that many hoped for.

There are some outstanding tracks: “It’s All Over” is a perfect example of the songwriting abilities this band is capable of. Not all songs are going straight for the jugular this time, either; “Let it Die” actually sounds like Papa Roach at their most radio-friendly moment. Three Days Grace also attempts to add some depth and variety to their sound, demonstrated best in “Pain,” which plays like a Soundgarden B-side.

The album stands out, however, not just because of the music, but because of the production. For example, the raw feeling and dry production of “Animal I Have Become” greatly benefit the crunchy vibe. So much, in fact, that it sometimes seems the entire album should have had this dry and edgy sound, rather than the sleek, polished studio production.

Three Days Grace aren’t yet the adept lyricists of a more mature band, but the words still manage to fit in seamlessly with the songs, helping to create an overall dark mood. Whether they are backed by distorted guitars or acoustic guitars, the somber tones are there. Despite the dark lyrical content, though, the point isn’t always made through the acoustic strumming. It must be mentioned that the album contains a few too many semi-ballad songs, but hey, no one’s perfect.

Even with its flaws, the album is still gratifying. Three Days Grace just need to learn to turn the distortion up on a few more tracks, and continue writing in the vein of their distinctive sound.


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