Drop Dead, Gorgeous drop a killer live show on the Creepy Crawl
Ross Gordon
6/26/2006 10:13:13 AM

How many bands name themselves after a B-movie about teen beauty queens gone bad? Okay, well we’re not sure that’s the inspiration behind hardcore favs, Drop Dead, Gorgeous' name, but it’s a pretty good guess. A good crowd of under-agers turned up for the late Creepy Crawl show, June 9th, in St. Louis—mostly to see this popular opener. The band took the stage at just 9 pm, a very early set considering most of their fans were still standing outside in line. DDG’s band members--3 of which are still in high school themselves—clearly know what works to musically rile up their peers.

The good thing about Drop Dead, Gorgeous is that they aren’t just a regular screamo band: The keyboardist, Aaron Rothe, is a master of electronics and also takes the material into classical territory, playing lots of traditional piano-sounding solos and several songs off of their new CD In Vogue [Rise Records]. Drop Dead got everyone up and excited for the rest of the night. The vocals and all the music sounded exactly like on record and let’s just say they definitely caught St. Louis’ eye—and ears.

Next up was Inked in Blood, a hardcore band from Oregon. Inked in Blood definitely had some fans in the crowd that were seemed to know every word. However, to those who know the hardcore genre, they were nothing all that special.

The next band up was Scars of Tomorrow, another generic hardcore band doing a good job, but with little new to offer. Very average and nothing special. The crowd seemed into them, but not as much as the other bands.

Closing the show was local band, Calico System, on too late for most of the young audience to catch. Do be sure to drop a few dollars on Drop Dead, Gorgeous tickets the next time they come through town –and go early if you want to be sitting pretty in front of the stage!


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