Chiodos Screaming Until Your Lungs Collapse
Meaghan Myers
7/3/2006 7:37:56 AM

St. Louis’ Creepy Crawl has befriended bands from every musical outlook. Favoring bands in the Hardcore/Rock/Indie scenes, it just makes sense that they’d host one of the biggest events to start off the summer season: the June 23rd show of Flee the Seen, Chiodos, It Dies Today, Haste the Day, and approximately 300 of their die-hard fans.

An hour before the doors were open, over 75 people stretched halfway around the building, to acquire a decent place towards the beginning of the line. After waiting an hour and a half, the line disappearred into the club, the show sold out and half of the original line were turned away. If you didn’t already have a ticket, you were shit out of luck.

Once most people settled in their places, the lights dimmed, spotlights aimed towards the stage, and Flee the Seen took the floor. Flee the Seen, one of the more major local bands, began with a crowd favorite, “Wire Tap Out.” The dance floor immediately split into sections and the pit started to take form. It’s always a great treat seeing Flee the Seen because a woman in the hardcore industry who can successfully pull off the harsh screaming is a rare thing indeed. Once the show ended, Kim Anderson [lead singer] told NT the secret to stretching her vocal chords in order to make that screaming sound: When she was younger, she went into her closet and just screamed until her voice gave out. Her parents weren’t too keen on the idea, so she urges those pursuing this training to find a place that’s sound proof.

The next band to take the stage was the crowd favorite, Chiodos. One of the biggest buzzes in the hardcore scene, Chiodos acquires fans of all different variations. They began with one of their more major singles, “One Day All Women Will Become Monsters” and the whole room began to sway from side to side. Singer Craig Owens serenaded the audience with his immense voice, and spat the lyrics out effortlessly, while the audience spat them right back. Every song that was sung seemed to surpass the extravagance of the first, making the temperature of the room even hotter. As the final song approached, everyone was drenched with sweat, with the lingering lyrics filling their mouths.

The temperature in this hole in the wall, known as the Creepy Crawl became so immense and unbearable that a quarter of the people poured outside directly after Chiodos in order to feel a sense of relief.

When Haste the Day took the stage, the crowd had shrunken noticeably, and continued to get smaller as the show went on. Only about 50 people remained for the final act of It Dies Today.

The entire show was one of the most intense shows to hit St. Louis this year, and also one of the most rewarding. Nothing says fun like a couple of hardcore bands, and screaming until your lungs collapse.


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