$30 Dollar Revolution
Jordan Knight
7/10/2006 1:11:55 AM

Education… ahh, it is a fine thing; especially when it comes in such an interesting and well done package. Every aspect of the book $30 Film School [Course Technology PTR] is right on point and interestingly educationaliscious.

The words that come from the pen (or typewriter or computer) of the book’s master of visual ceremonies Michael W. Dean, author of other great books such as $30 Music School and the novel Starving in the Company of Beautiful Women, effectively cover every aspect of the movie making process. He lets you in on the tips, the tricks, and the mistakes that all movie makers are responsible for. Not only will this book help you to further your understanding of movie making it will help to eliminate the bland… the awful… the eternally bank breaking cost of all Hollywood made films. This book could make you a revolutionary, just like Michael.

Be like Mike; begin a new era in the theatres around the world. Make your own well-written, well-cast, and of course fabulously acted in and directed movie, but if the book isn’t enough it is also equipped with a DVD to help the visual learner in us all. Thank you Michael Dean for making strides to end the monotony in the theatres.Viva la revolucion!


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