Dissecting the Hood with Hood Surgeon!
Sara Swinson
7/11/2006 12:02:19 PM

"If you wanna be in some shit; you’ll be in it. That’s basically how it goes... "

Hood Surgeon, son of the legendary Dr. Dre, continues the hip-hop legacy. Nighttimes.com’s Sara Swinson was able to glean wisdom from Hood as he assisted her in demystifying the nocturnal habits of ice-cream truck drivers in the hood, kind of. Additionally, she will fail at modeling her interview technique after Inside the Actor’s Studio’s James Lipton, as she will find herself dropping an interview bomb at the end. It’s really heavy, but Hood, ever gracious and way too kind-hearted, answers the question anyway.

NT: Paris Hilton has been seen hanging out at your shows. Is she a fan of your music?

Hood: “Yeah, heh heh.”

NT: Did she ever see a show and say, “Loves it!”

Hood: “Yeah, she’s cool. Very cool.”

NT: You’re opening for Mary J?

Hood: “Yes. Doing that on August 12th.”

NT: In St. Louis, we have an ice-cream truck that drives around the hood at midnight and who knows what that’s about?

Hood: “Oh yeah, we do too. We have donut trucks. Heh heh.”

NT: Does Compton have an ice-cream truck?

Hood: “We have plenty.”

NT: What’s a typical day like in Compton?

Hood: “I have to say, a typical day is what you make it. If you wanna be in some, you know, excuse my language, if you wanna be in some shit; you’ll be in it. Ha. That’s basically how it goes.”

NT: How does the inner city inspire your music?

Hood: “What happens is like some of the music, some of the stuff, I might not have done in my life but it’s something that I’ve seen or watched somebody else go through, you know what I mean? I just speak real facts and if you give people real music they’ll appreciate it more than something that’s just fake.”

NT: What are three words that best describe the qualities that you don’t like about yourself?

Hood: “Qualities that I don’t like about myself? Uh … I’m too kind-hearted. Sometimes I get caught up in that and it’s like sometimes you can be too nice, you know? It’s like some people will step on that and take your kindness for weakness. There’s a lot of people who we deal with, you know, as far as coming along in this game. It’s like you gotta watch every step you make and you don’t know who to trust sometimes.”

NT: On your myspace page, I noticed that your dad isn’t in your Top 8. What does this mean?

Hood: “My dad?”

NT: Your dad, Dr. Dre. He wasn’t in your Top 8.

Hood: “Um, well, I don’t even know if he has a myspace page, it’s really someone else that does that. Uh, I had him on my page but … the top 8, I don’t even control it … that thing it just creates on its own. Ha, myspace—it’s crazy. It’s really exciting every day—I don’t know what’s going happen...”

NT: Tell me about songs you’ve written that reflect the relationship you have with your father. What was the experience?

Hood: “Um, it was a positive experience, I expressed myself you know, as far as the relationship we have, and I just based it on, you know, I met my dad when I was 21 and most of the people in the hood … they automatically think that uh I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth and it wasn’t like that … I didn’t grow up like that. I’m not going to lie, my mom took very good care of me, but … my thing was, I was still trying to be in the hood. I wanted to know what that life was like, you know? I didn’t have to live like that, but I wanted to … that was me more so just venturing out and being in that life …but I didn’t have to be like that. I was around it, though, a lot.”

NT: About your name, what’s the meaning behind the ‘Surgeon’ part?

Hood: “The Surgeon part, okay, you know, I was an EMT and I went to school for it and I didn’t like how I was seeing all the bodies and stuff. I worked in the hospital with my mom and I always wanted to be a surgeon… I wanted to be a brain surgeon, and I was planning to go to school for it, but I dropped out because it was grossing me out. The bodies … I couldn’t. I started out as a TO. Before that, I was a security officer in the hospital Kaiser and it was deep. It was like, ugh, I can’t do it. My mom gave me the name, “Surgeon” but people in Compton just started calling me “Hood”—it wasn’t that I was from the hood, it was ‘cause I hung around the hood people, you know what I mean? It’s like no matter what, I’m still going to be around you all …no matter what, no matter if I got my ass beat or whatever, you know what I mean? I’m still gonna be around. My pop was a thug. I’m not going to say ‘I’m a Blood’ or ‘a Crip’. I’m just a thug, you know?”

NT: What about the Bloods and the Crips?

Hood: “That’s the thing with me, I’m just ‘Hood’ and that’s it. I could go either side, it don’t matter.”

NT: Do you ever watch that cable show, Inside the Actor’s Studio?

Hood: “Ha ha.”

NT: This is a morbid question but if you could have anything written on your tombstone what would it be?

Hood: “Oh, wow. Ha ha. I would have to say, wow, that is really deep. Whew. You just took this to a whole other level. Heh, heh hmm. I honestly don’t know …it’s like that’s really deep, um …it would be something about legacy …”

NT: What do you want your legacy to be?

Hood: “Um, I want my legacy to be continuing. I want it to be passed down, that’s why the album that I’m working on now is called The Legacy Continues. It’s about the transmission of power. Basically, the legacy continues … it is a transformation of power; it’s like the big dogs got it; they gotta hand it down, that’s what that means.”

Photo of Hood Surgeon with Paris Hilton


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