Tea Leaf Green and Hackensaw Boys Wake Up St. Louis
Jordan Knight
8/13/2006 10:11:12 AM

Some things in life are just average. Most humans have come to accept it, and some have even embraced mediocrity as the new excellence. These people would have loved Donna the Buffalo at the Pageant in St. Louis. The rest of us, though, were much more impressed with the sheer talent and musicality of the band with “a little bit of soul and a little bit of rock n’ roll in their bones”… Tea Leaf Green.

All scales measuring the mundane through the FUNdane most often contain a loveable underdog with a ton of class and exuberance. This underdog, on this particular night, was the bluegrass band, the Hackensaw Boys. Their huge smiles and rowdy, rambunctious Appalachian attitudes lit up the stage and the few early-comer’s hearts. Even though the venue was somewhat emptied for the show everyone there was loving what they saw, but they were ready to hear something with a little more back beat to it. To oblige all of the fans’ wants Tea Leaf Green walked out right on cue, veiled by blackened lights and anticipation.

As soon as the drummer began to pump out his first funkay groove, you knew these guys were going to be the show stoppers of the night. Their melodies and gloriously catchy riffs send you to a place of comfort and relaxation in a place that typically smells of balls and beer. Their sound embodies where they're from and they are proud of it as their title track from their new album, Taught to be Proud [Reincarnate Music], states. TLG whipped off several tracks from their album and the crowd really got into it. Songs like “Rapture,” “Pretty Jane,” and “Morning Sun” got even the people in the back dancing. The only complaint about Tea Leaf Green’s show was that it was entirely too short, on account of Donna the Buffalo headlining. Damn you, Donna, the fans wanted more TLG.

The crowd loved the impromptu set on the dance floor in front of the stage by The Hackensaw Boys. After all the build up that ranged from Dancetastic with TLG to loveably quirky with the underdogs, the Hackensaw Boys, it was time for the headliner Donna the Buffalo. While playing a good show where everything sounded nice, Donna’s lullaby of a set just put people to sleep and squashed everyone’s good time. Thank you Donna the Buffalo… You’re good but you made me want a nappy.


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