Muse Take A Bow
Sam Gordon
10/1/2006 6:11:58 PM

It has been just over a year since Muse graced St. Louis with their presence, and on Thursday, September 14th, they returned to the same stage as last year, The Pageant. This year Muse came on the tour for the new album Black Holes and Revelations [Warner Bros/WEA].

An awkward yet popular band called "The Like" opened the show. The crowd seemed excited when they came on, but this three-piece, all-girl hippie band lacked the vocals to really keep the crowd’s attention. They ended their show by announcing, "This is going to be our last song," to which the crowd cheered louder than they had during their whole performance. [Also, was I the only one in the crowd who thought that last song by The Like had almost an identical guitar riff to that of The Pixies' "Where is my Mind?"]

Muse followed fairly soon after The Like left the stage, opening with the single off the new album, “Knights of Cydonia." Immediately, one knew this show would be even better than their last (phenomenal) performance. Every aspect of the music was dead-on and the lighting and stage presence was great. After the first song, the radio hit "Hysteria" set the tone for the rest of the show, getting everyone standing on their feet in an instant. Also, it appears singer/guitarist/pianist Matt Belamy has ditched his piano that lights up as the different keys are pressed to make patterns with the light. However, the new piano is just as awesome: all white with glowing keys. Matt Belamy's guitars are also worth a mention. Each and every one has this little square area similar to the fuzz probe guitar pedals he once used. These however, light up and glow as he plays. Two giant clear tubes rested in the back of the stage with the drummer in between, and all sorts of cool stuff was projected behind the band from these objects. The projector frequently displayed live video shots of the band, with all sorts of crazy effects. Muse went on to play “Supermassive Black Hole,” “Butterflies and Hurricanes,” “Invincible,” and “Starlight.”

When it seemed like the show couldn’t get any better, it did with fan favorites “Plug in Baby” and “Time is Running Out.” Muse finished the first part of their set with one of the harder songs off of the new album, "Assassin", and then with all-time favorite, "Stockholm Syndrome".

The encore included "Apocalypse Please," the height of the night. Following were "Soldier's Poem" and "Feeling Good," finally closing with the tune that they have been playing last at almost every show on this tour, "Take A Bow." The song is the first on the new album, definitely the most powerful, and the perfect song to end the show with. The look on everyone's face pretty much said it all: this was the best show in a while.


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