Nothing "Typical" about Mute Math live
J. Gordon
10/9/2006 9:19:52 AM

Perhaps you've heard their singles, "Typical," or streamed one of their amazing live performances online ("Noticed," and "Chaos" are also getting heavy attention). In any case, one of the most impressive live acts around right now (and they absolutely slaughtered the crowd at Lollapalooza this summer), Mute Math, from New Orleans, are a thing to behold. Keeping just a few steps ahead of Sting’s lawyer (as my companion for their 10/8/06 show at St. Louis’ Creepy Crawl so aptly put it), lead singer Paul Meany definitely does have that vocal thing going on—but paired with Radiohead pop stylings, the overall sound comes off as more alternative; updated with homemade instruments, live sampling, and a junked-out keytar (a keyboard/guitar Frankensteined together).

Promoting their first full-length, self-titled album on a major label (released Sept. 26th on Warner Bros.), Mute Math is definitely a band to see live—that theramin weirdness, the chaotic energy and high intensity performance don’t seem to come across in quite the same way as their more polished CDs. Meany, for instance, has so much energy you can barely keep him off the ceiling (and at the low-ceiling’d Creepy Crawl, that’s not an exaggeration). Climbing on amps, hanging from rafters, the guy must be burning a thousand calories a minute.

Going beyond the basic strobes and backlights, these guys also pulled off an impressive light show for such a small stage, which helped add to the overall excitement, especially as it was hard to see much else through the dense crowd. And speaking of the crowd--Mute Math played to an absolutely packed venue. This audience was young (teenagers possibly also there for the openers, Shiny Toy Guns, who hit the old Creepy location with Kill Hannah back in March), and the kids were into it. It was pleasing to see so many long-haired boys shaking their heads and their fists, and the packed floor happily sang out the choruses at the top of their lungs. The band had to have been pleased.

One of the funnier moments was when drummer Darren King toasted the singer of Shiny Toy Guns for his 21st birthday. Adding reverb to the sound, he held up his glass ‘to makeup, to the Goth in all of us, to embracing the dark side…’ while also sprinkling in bits of well-known prayers and the Declaration of Independence (or was that the Gettysburg Address?). Meanwhile, the birthday boy stood on a barstool above the crowd, tweaking his own nipples and savoring every moment of attention.

Sure to win over even the toughest critics, catch Mute Math for yourself as they finish out this 40-city club tour with Shiny Toy Guns, The Whigs and Jonezetta:

09.19 | Seattle, WA | Showbox*
09.20 | Portland, OR | Aladdin Theatre*
09.21 | San Francisco, CA | Slim's*
09.22 | Roseville, CA | Underground Café*
09.24 | San Diego, CA | Soma Mainstage*
09.25 | Los Angeles, CA | Henry Fonda Theatre*
09.29 | Salt Lake City, UT | TBA*
09.30 | Denver, CO | Bluebird Theater*
10.01 | Lawrence, KS | Bottleneck*
10.05 | Chicago, IL | Park West*
10.06 | Minneapolis, MN | Quest (Ascot Room)*
10.07 | Minneapolis, MN | Quest (Ascot Room)*
10.08 | St. Louis, MO | Creepy Crawl*
10.11 | Tulsa, OK | Cain's Ballroom*
10.13 | Dallas, TX | Gypsy Ballroom*
10.14 | Houston, TX | Numbers*
10.15 | Austin, TX | Stubb's Bar-B-Q*
10.19 | Norfolk, VA | Norva *
10.20 | Charlottesville, VA | Starr Hill*
10.21 | Raleigh, NC | Cat's Cradle*
10.22 | Athens, GA | TBA* *
10.25 | Greenville, SC | Handlebar**
10.26 | Birmingham, AL | Zydeco**
10.27 | Atlanta, GA | Roxy Theatre**
10.28 | New Orleans, LA | Voodoo Music Experience**
10.29 | Memphis, TN | New Daisy Theatre**
10.31 | Cincinnati, OH | 20th Century Theatre**
11.02 | Washington, D.C. | 9:30 Club**
11.03 | Philadelphia, PA | TLA**
11.05 | Boston, MA | Axis**
11.06 | Hartford, CT | TBA**
11.07 | Montreal, QC | Main Hall**
11.09 | Toronto, ON | TBA**
11.10 | Columbus, OH | TBA**
11.12 | Nashville, TN | TBA**
11.14 | Jacksonville, FL | Martini's**
11.15 | Orlando, FL | The Social**
11.16 | Orlando, FL | The Social**
11.17 | Tampa, FL | State Theatre**
11.19 | Ft. Lauderdale, FL | Culture Room**
* w/ Shiny Toy Guns & Jonezetta
**w/ The Whigs & Jonezetta


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