Blag'ard's Blank Minded Clocks leave us blank
Mike Dague
10/22/2006 9:03:46 PM

From a structural standpoint, Blag’ard have plenty of things to brag about, like jumpy guitar fills and climaxing at a guitar solo, but there is no bona fide Blag’ard “sound.” Unless you want to say that distorted guitars and fast drum beats are their sound, but the rest of the indie-grunge genre would most likely discredit that theory.

The trouble with Blag’ard’s CD, Blank Minded Clocks [Pig Zen’s Pace], is that their sound is too average; every song has such a familiar feel one can predict every note, one after the other. The music style, 90’s indie-alternative, isn’t new, but hasn’t been done a million times either. The guitars, while not particularly well played, do at times resemble the careless strummings of Joey Santiago of the Pixies. The words don’t say or mean anything but what they are, which is never anything to deep or relevant. This wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing, if they had had great music to back it up. The problem with Blag’ard is that they don’t. They’re an indie twosome who don’t really do a good job portraying anything at all. When Joe Taylor says “I am the loneliest man ever!” he says it like a cartoon villain from the 50’s. You can’t tell if he’s trying to be really deep or if he’s just joking. They peak interest in their song, “Friends Like You” when Taylor’s uptight voice asks “With friends like you, who needs strangers?”

Blag’ard don’t offer anything new, but they’re good to throw into a mix or playlist every once in a while. When the stuff you’re listening to now gets stale, Blag’ard is here to offer temporary relief. Very temporary.


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