Harry Nilsson’s Required Re-Mastered Re-Issue: Son Of Schmilsson
Ridge Hardy
11/7/2006 10:17:54 AM

Once in a blue moon, out of the depths of the shallow music world, emerges a true original, encompassing style, character, and all the whilst maintaining commercial strides without murdering any shades of artistic integrity. In Harry Nilsson, all of these remarkable traits surface, a genuine rarity with one of the most beautiful voices you’ve never heard and a sense of toilet humor. Harry Nilsson first became known to the music public as a personal favorite of the Beatles. When asked by the press who their favorite American singer was, Lennon remarked “Nilsson”, when asked who their favorite American group was, McCartney remarked “Nilsson”. Nilsson suddenly found himself thrown into the spotlight, scoring himself a Grammy for “Everybody’s Talkin’”, originally by the late, great Fred Neil and the theme to John Schlesinger’s classic 1969 film, Midnight Cowboy.

Harry Nilsson was one of the first pioneers of multi-tracked vocals, incorporating haunting vocal harmonies into his early pop masterpieces (Pandemonium Shadow Show, Aerial Ballet [BMG Intl] ). Having become acquainted with producer extraordinaire Richard Perry (Tiny Tim, Barbara Streisand, The Pointer Sisters, Ringo Starr, among others), they decided on doing an album with Perry producing, having been fans of each other’s work. The first album was Nilsson Schmilsson, [RCA] Harry’s biggest success, spawning a number one hit, “Without You,” and earning Nilsson another Grammy, as well as producing the hit singles “Coconut” and “Jump Into The Fire” (For you music trivia buffs, it’s the only song featuring a bass detuning in the history of music). Next, RCA was demanding a follow-up to the massive success of his previous album, so Perry and Nilsson decided to embark upon another recording. While Perry wanted to begin where Nilsson Schmilsson left off, Nilsson wanted to make a completely different album, prefering career risks to repetition, what emerged was the classic Son Of Schmilsson [RCA] album. Armed with beautiful originals, one cover, and plenty of racy humor, this is one of the greatest records in pop music history. No song-by-song reviews will be posted; this is strictly a surprise for any new listeners, this is the perfect album waiting to be discovered. Do yourself a favor fellow readers, pick up this newly reissued gold mine and just relax. The perfect album to escape to after a stressful day.


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