Bust a Move to Madahoochi
Jordan Knight
3/19/2007 9:41:19 AM

On top of St. Louis’s jam band scene right now is the band Madahoochi, who hold a weekly spot at Cicero’s, located in STL’s The Loop. From this weekly gig they released Live in the Loop [independent] to showcase what their live show is all about, and from track one, “Good Time People,” you know you are in for some funky, dancing business.

Madahoochi, while being hailed at St. Louis’s best jam band by The Riverfront Times two years in a row, is something beyond just a jam band. Their music spawns more from the funk genre, ranging into trance and jam band grounds-- but unlike most jam bands, this live CD contains four tracks that run under four minutes. Typically, a song that short is unheard of in this scene, but this is what makes Madahoochi a joy to listen to.

Madahoochi has the ability to make any song, be it twelve or three minutes in length, structured, crisp and focused. Even when their guitar player, Scott Rockwood, and keyboard player, Shawn Hartung, extend their electric playing into more expressive solos and improvisation, the music never seems to stray away from the central groove that makes the song so great in the first place. Where other bands seem to lose sight of the music, this band grasps the song and improves upon every aspect through their impeccable musical timing and intelligence.

Songs like “No Money,” “Must Be Nice,” and “Neptune Squeegee” are what really make this disk sparkle. All of the songs combine and focus on strong lyrical composition as well as instrumental composition, beautiful vocal harmonies, vibrant and funky melodies, as well as hot fresh jamming that could make even the stiffest person bust a move-- or two.


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