Lennon Revealed: more of the same
Ridge Hardy
4/26/2007 10:36:13 AM

Lennon Revealed [Running Press Book Publishers; Pap/DVD edition] reveals nothing other than another title to file in the catalog of biographies on the late John Lennon. Author Larry Kane believes that he has painted a radically differentiated portrait of the idol to millions. Using his credentials as a traveling reporter with the Fab Four on their U.S. Tours of 1964 and 1965 respectively, he basically types out information we’ve known forever in the earnest hopes of sounding coherent and resurrecting an already enshrined Lennon for the younger generation. This book, however limited, does have some very intriguing moments. We find more in-depth coverage of Lennon’s “Lost weekend” escapades. From his shenanigans with the late Harry Nilsson to his passionate affair with May Pang, Kane presents it in a relatively bare fashion. Lennon, who --in that era-- was notorious for living his life in the public eye, would’ve no doubt wholeheartedly approved.

The accompanying DVD includes some cool 70s footage, a rare TV appearance of John guesting as a weatherman for a Philadelphia TV station, and a 5-minute long Lennon and McCartney interview (supposedly their final interview together) that’s worth checking out. The rest of the DVD is throwaway, however, of the author self-promoting himself.

While this may lack in depth coverage of Lennon as a person, and while it is also rather appalling in its number of typos and poorly constructed sentences, it is an occasionally interesting anecdote on one of the greatest and most influential artists our world has ever known.


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