The Mooney Suzuki Sure Can Rock
Mike Hess
6/16/2002 7:56:57 PM

Jimi Hendrix would be a happy man if he were able to hear the soul-stuffed garage grooves of The Mooney Suzukiís new album Electric Sweat [Gammon]. Sammy James Jr.ís subtle, pampering voice will bring back memories of the first time you heard Are You Experienced?, while giving you a feeling of overwhelming gladness that the roots of rock Ďní roll arenít forgotten.

In the opening lyrics of the title track, James heavily spits out ďGet Ready! Get Set! What you get is electric sweat.Ē Heís telling the truth. Electric bliss pours out from the dual guitars of James and Graham Tyler (lead guitar), coating the listener with a drippy mess of blistering Yardbird-esque riffage. Itís basic New York rock at its best.

There's no point of the album that lacks energy, especially "Natural Fact". This track, among others, sound directly out of a Quentin Tarantino soundtrack, with its head-swaying chorus.

The current resurgence of stripped-down garage rock will surely help The Mooney Suzuki make their name known, and opening up for the current buzz-band The Hives surely canít hurt. Itís a sure bet these guys will be in the spotlight soon, and maybe the next big band will open up for them instead.

Talk about rock! ďTurn on the turbine, turn on the juice. Turn on the turntable and a-turn me loose.Ē Amen, Mr. James.

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