Bombshell Betties at the Way Out Club, August 4th
Aldo Fonticiella
6/17/2007 10:36:30 PM

Mangia Italiano on south Grand in Saint Louis, MO and is host to a variety of different talents on this night, June 14, they presented us with the extremely innovative Bombshell Betties [self-released]. The first thing to catch one's attention is the humorous play on words that apparently is requisite for these all inclusive performers. These Betties of clever wit and swift tongue can find the sexual innuendos in even the most mundane of common human interactions.

As if a good laugh at menu or ordering from a coffee shop is not enough there is dance from hip-hop to tap in several variations. Audiences need to be aware that these artists are burlesque troupe so the clothes come off, then back on as in the “reverse strip” then back off again. Chances are you’ll be laughing so hysterically that may not get the opportunity to see anything but if you do it is well in the range of tasteful.

Nevertheless it is amazing how these ladies use props and improvise throughout the entire show. The set list included the amusing Trixy Trojan as the MC as Viola Pistola handled the selection of sound from all eras of American music. Bess Western and Chandelier Chimay impressed us with their dance interpretations of some of our favorite songs like 9 to 5 and scenes from movies like Napoleon Dynamite. The precarious Fifi Fatale was the French maid and the fit Frankie Lou left us inattention by blatantly taking off her clothes.

Believe it not this is not the entire cast or the complete show however entertaining. The Bombshell Betties can be viewed in their entirety at The Way Out Club on August 4 for a small fee or on their website at for free.


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