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Getting Close to Matthew Freeman's Darkness Never Far  You didn’t want to know. You didn’t want to see it like that, but there it is. Mental illness that feels a little too close to whatever the place is where you exist. Schizophrenia in its fascinating, poetic genius. Psychosis, slit down the middle... [more...]

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The Meaning of Matthew by Judy Shepard with Jon Barrett
Columbine by Dave Cullen
Not Much New in Sylvia Plath A Biography
God is not Great puts the Guy In the Sky to the Test
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Dying Is An Art, Like Everything Else: Lady Lazarus
Don't be misled: The Solipsist is the best chapbook you'll read this year.
I am Jack's smirking revenge--with Poetry: National Anthem
The Real Frank Zappa: It's not too late to get to know him
Loyalty, Politics, and Sex: America America
Run to the Run-Ons: Senselessness Leaves You Breathless
Compelling and Conflicting: Cobain Unseen
Artificial Rats & Electric Cats: The Trip of China
Too Soon to Leave is out of print too soon
The Clean House and Other Plays: No Acting Necessary
Get Lost in Playboy’s Silverstein Around the World
Snuff—A Porno Queen goes out with the Ultimate Gang Bang
Rock On: An Office Power Ballad--Everything you never wanted to know about the record industry
Live from South St. Louis: Joe Baker is Dead by Mary Troy
Believe in the Dreams: Marjorie Stelmach's Night Drawings
Buying Desolation on Delmar: the sanest decision you could make
Be Glad for Riding Shotgun's Difference
Leonard Cohen’s Book of Longing
In the Land of the Free Culture
Best Books of 2007
There’s No Denying Elliott Smith by Autumn de Wilde
The Farther Shore: a rich portrait of a less-than-successful mission
A Garden Amid Fires: Sincerity and Poetic Sensibility
A Howl of Approval for Howl
“Just an Artist”--Bob Dylan: The Essential Interviews
Across the Great Divide: The Band and America
Lennon Revealed: more of the same
You Don’t Love Me Yet is easy to love
Gorillaz' Rise a great read – and a proof of concept
Gene Wilder’s Kiss Me Like A Stranger: Laughter, Memories and the Brutal Truth
Twins: occasionally disturbing, always entertaining
The Identity Club: New and Selected Stories and Songs
Christmas at Long Lake: the perfect stocking stuffer
Cheers for Smashed: Story of a Drunken Girlhood
$30 Dollar Revolution
I Hate Myself and Want To Die, The 52 Most Depressing Songs You’ve Ever Heard
The Town That Forgot How To Breathe: A Breath of Fresh Sea Air
The Beatles: The Biography--If not definitive, at least thick.
Continuum Books' 33 1/3 Series presents: Neutral Milk Hotel’s masterpiece: In The Aeroplane Over The Sea
People I Met Hitchhiking On USA Highways: A Disturbing Delight
The Sociopath Next Door: could he or she be next door to you?
The Joke’s On You: Road Scholar and Notes From the Underpants
Wrecking Crew “The Really Bad News Griffith Park Pirates”
Whores An oral biography of Perry Farrell and Jane’s Addiction
Campus Sexpot: A Memoir!
Liar! Liar! (and really, it's okay, given these Post-Truth times...)
Lost in the Grooves: Scram’s Capricious Guide to the Music You Missed
The Evil B.B. Chow: Almond Joy
Every Night Is Ladies’ Night : Louder Than Words
Scott Yanow's Jazz on Film an Invaluable Reference Guide
Snake Oil: Jim Rose's Book of Secrets, from the Master Himself
James Brown's Second Volume of Memoirs: Funky, Frustrating and Fascinating
Frank Zappa--Biography, Endictment, Monument--All in One!
Big Up Is Worthy of a Pick Up
Steely Dan: The Complete Guide to Their Music
I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You documents the making of one of soul music's masterpieces
Brother Ray--Ray Charles' Own Story
John Coltrane: The New Definitive Biography
Studio Stories: Documenting the Essence of Classic Recordings
Elliott Smith and the Big Nothing Mostly Lives Up To Its Name
I Am Spam (Poems) Transcends Its Inspiration
Moanin' at Midnight: The Life and Times of Howlin' Wolf
So You Wanna Be A Rock & Roll Star? Read This First.
Give Our Regards To The Atomsmashers!
The Beach Boys: The Definitive Diary of America’s Greatest Band On Stage and In the Studio
Strange But True: Weird Connections and a Surprise Plot Twist
Stencil Pirates by Josh MacPhee
Taboo Tunes: Compelling and Eminently Readable
Jimi Hendrix: The Musician
Sweet on Candyfreak
The Secret is Out: The Secret Life of Bees
On a Night Like This: romance for those who hate romance
Heaven Lake: Rethinking Asian Culture
Starving In the Company of Beautiful Women [The Great American Rant]
The True and Outstanding Adventures of the Hunt Sisters
The Poetry of Pablo Neruda: You'll never find a better poet
The DaVinci Code
NT's Best Books Read in 2003
Meat is Murder: Brings the Smiths Back
The Boys of My Youth: Mirror on the Midwest, circa 1970s
The Dogs of Babel: absurd, clever, touching and brilliant
Nothing Sweet About This Candy
Kissing In Manhattan: Literary Foreplay Leaves You Wanting More
Hunger: a perfect story of appetite and desire
Paperback Original--Not a Bestseller…yet!
If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B Movie Actor
My Life In Heavy Metal; Your Guide to the Fast Life
Sound of the Beast: Calling All Metalheads
Gandhi The Man: The Story of His Transformation
Lullaby-- This Playfully Perverse Novel Won't Put You To Sleep
Brownsville: Nothing Short of Breathtaking
"A Winter Marriage" Has Many Meanings
Wish You Were Here? No, You Don't.
Tourmaline: A Gem by Joanna Scott
Kurt Cobain’s Journals: If you read, you’ll judge.
Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal
Gore Vidal: Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace
I, Rhoda Manning, Go Hunting with my Daddy & other stories
Umberto Eco's Five Moral Pieces
The Lovely Bones' Deserved Success
Life in a Box: Martin Sloane
Heavier Than Heaven: A Biography of Kurt Cobain
Paul McCartney Paints the Room in a Colorful Way
Motley Crue: against the laws of the universe, man
MTV Uncensored
Positively Fourth St.: Wonderful narrative, questionable thesis
Powder: cheesier than cheddar, but it rocks!
Bee Season: the Sting of God
Balsamic Dreams: The Times They Have-A-Changed
Indulge in Feast of Love
Choke: The Bastard Son of a New Apocalypse
Underground: a Chilling Look at Terrorism
The Cheese Monkeys: a Novel in Two Semesters
Dream Brother: the lives and music of Jeff and Tim Buckley
Observatory Mansions: worth your observation
Dispatches from the Tenth Circle: The Best of the Onion
Out of Your Comfort Level: Naked
Prodigal Summer--It Just Might Make You Run Away to the City
Jewel's Chasing Down the Dawn
The Corrections: The Correct Best of 2001
Charity Begins at Home in Hornby's How To Be Good
Tishomingo Blues
Exhibit A: Guy Bourdin
House of Women: a Prison of a Different Kind
Somehow Form A Family seem to form us all
Disturbing the Peace: Engaging and Entertaining, but Probably not for Oprah
Uncensored Led Zeppelin: a Must Read for the dedicated fan
Dirty Havana Trilogy: More Fun Than Castro Will Allow
Take THAT, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!
The Bondwoman's Narrative: Worth the 150-Year Wait
Sea Glass: A Beach Read on the Sands of Time
Rick Moody: From Thinly Veiled Fiction to Blackest Autobiography, It’s a Small Step

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