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Canada's Broken Social Scene is Back with Forgiveness Rock Record  At 14 tracks, Broken Social Scene’s Forgiveness Rock Record is an hour well spent, and is sure to satiate fans, while also instilling a few happy hunger growls in anticipation for the next release. [more...]

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Toothfairy Does Not Work Well With Reality Works Pretty Well, In Fact
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Jump On Your Bed! It's the Vinyltones!
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Why?things burn: the Your Flowers EP
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Pilotdrift's water sphere: what dreams listen to
Rumor Has It that Nellie McKay's next full-length is in limbo
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Over the Years and Through the Woods: The Queens know how to kill it live!
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Going Underground: August '05
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Cruiserweight's Sweet Weaponry: groovy punk
The Sun: Blame It On Youth...exactly
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Lapush's Debut CD: essential pop to keep your summer cool
Doris Henson's CD Give Me All Your Money--Give This Band Your $15
Going Underground June '05
eX-Girl's Endangered Species: Rare By Comparison
Temper Temper--Deeper, Louder, Broader...
The Dissociatives
Does Johnny Still Hate Jazz? New Jazz Releases
Emperor X: Central Hug/Friendarmy/Fractal Dunes
Worlds Apart: An Instant Classic
The Pile: Stack of releases by Fooling April, Cheer Leaders United, Ben's Diapers, Jadecroon & Brand X comedy troupe
Jeff Hanson's Sophomore Effort Engages, Enchants
David Harness: Heartbeat, Volume 1
Going Underground: March '05
UK Dispatch: March '05
Going Underground: Feb. '05
The Pat Metheny Goup's The Way Up--Listen Hard!
UK Dispatch, Jan. '05
Renaissance: The Mix Collection
Reissue Spotlight: James Brown's Soul on Top Swings with Soul
Box-Sets of 2004: Which are Worthy?
Asobi Seksu
Going Underground Dec. '04
Score City for Mardo
How Could We Forget Nellie McKay?
Matthew Sweet's Kimi Ga Suki: A Love Letter to Japan--Hold the Wasabi
UK Dispatch: December '04
Faultline's Your Love Means Everything
U2's How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb Worth the Wait
Ulysses: 010
Going Underground: Nov. '04
The Beatles: The Capitol Albums, Vol. 1
Octet: Cash and Carry Songs an Ambitious Debut
UK Dispatch: Nov. '04
From a Basement on the Hill: A Fond Farewell to Elliott Smith
Going Underground: Oct. '04
Punk Jazz: The Jaco Pastorius Anthology
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Future Sound of London presents Amorphous Androgynous--The Otherness
Brian Wilson Presents Smile
Adam Marsland's Solo Debut Defies Anonymity
UK Dispatch: Sep. '04
God Lives Underwater is Up Off The Floor
LPII: 25 minutes of punk, pop and pissed-off Minnesotans
Going Underground: Aug. '04
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Spike by Agata: Oh my god!
Virginal Co Ordinates by Eyvind Kang
The Conet Project: Five...Four...Zero...One
Story of the Year: Living Up to Their Name
Pepper: In With The Old Keeps the Groove Going
Los Lonely Boys: There's a Reason They're Lonely
Ray Charles: Let the Music Wash Over You
Beastie Boys: Bringing Back That Old New York Rap
Pixel Panda's The Nation of Symmetry
Lay of the Land Gives You That...And More
Muse's Absolution: Endlessly Radiohead, but Quite Good
Blonde Redhead's New Misery is Bliss
Junkie XL's Radio JXL and Chris Vrenna's 2 AM Wakeup Call: Your life will be that much more enjoyable.
Global Underground #026: Romania is Pure Bliss
The Campfire Girls' Tell Them Hi: Almost Radio-Friendly, But Don't Hold That Against Them
Miles_Gurtu: Miles of Globe-Trotting Mastery
Pattern Is Movement's The (Im)Possibility of Longing
Delirium Cordia and the Compulsion to Keep Listening
Molar: The Time and Motion Studies
Clearlake's Cedars: One of the Year's Best
Pitty Sing: Pac Man and Parachute Pants
The Big Picture: Tenki's View of an Orbiting Man
Blood Red Velvet: Your Candidate for Listening in 2004
Plastic on the Mouth Hole: Suffocation Never Felt so Good
Wanna See Your Writing Here?
NT's 2003 Year-End CD Overview
Avenged Sevenfold: Waking the Fallen
Let It Be--Naked: In the Buff, for the Buffs
The Best of R.E.M. In Time 1988-2003 Really Isn't, but it's OK
Sixer: Beautiful Trash = Amazing Listening Experience
The Locust: Plague Soundscapes
Everything Must Go: Irony's Second Coming
36 Crazyfists: Bitterness The Star Tastes Sweet
West 78: American Girl Oughtta Feel A Bit Embarrassed
Warm American Sweater Feels Good
Brady Brock's I Will Live In You Where Your Heart Used To Be
Filmworks XIV: Hiding and Seeking by John Zorn
The Black Dahlia Murder: Unhallowed
Leviathan: EP from Hell?
Thrice: The Artist in the Ambulance
Damone: From the Attic
Oleander Takes Us On A Joyride
Memento: Beginnings
Yoshimi and Yuka: Goddesses that Bring You Gifts of Joy
Copeland's Beneath Medicine Tree on Top of Punk/Emo List
C&C's Second Stage Turbine Blade: First Rate
Melt Banana's Cell Scape: Another Astonishing Release
Yellowcard: The Underdog EP
Tech N9ne Brings ‘Absolute Power’ to the Hip Hop Scene (and It’s About Time!)
Take a Look at Liz Phair
Long Live Godflesh in Messiah
Ministry: They're Back with Animositisomina
Mit Gas Embraces a World of Possibilities
Hyper-Avant-Hardcore: The Blood Brothers
Blackout: a Schizophrenic Good Time
Yea for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs Fever to Tell!
The Music: Dirty, Smart, Confusing, and Everything Music Is Supposed To Be
Brown Reason To Live: Butthole Surfer's PCPPEP
Mullets Rock! Not just a hairstyle, it’s a lifestyle
Opeth: Deliverance
Enon: Gnawing Away at the Shaky Future of Pop Music
The Best of 2002
System of a Down: Steal This Album
Tzomborgha by Ruins. Wow.
Moistboyz III: Rock 'N' Fuckin' Roll
Recover: Ceci N'est Pas Recover
Thrice: The Illusion of Safety
Mr. Lif: I Phantom
DALEK: From Filthy Tongue of Gods and Griots
Phantomsmasher: Ipecac's latest smash
Hemophiliac: the Ultimate Brain Bleed
Shut Up and Work It; Rock Star Club for the Working Man
Queens of the Stone Age: Songs For the Deaf
Boy Hits Car Puts Musicianship Back In Metal
Sparta: Wiretap Scars
Obtanium by Skeleton Key: Return of Promising Weirdo Rock
Porcupine Tree In Abesentia
Brianmania, 2002: Pet Sounds Live
Disarray: In the Face of the Enemy
Sweep The Leg Johnny: Going Down Swinging
Sonic Youth's Murray Street More Than Up to Snuff
Hatebreed's Perseverance = Hardcore Heaven
Stillmatic Proves Nas Still Matters
Rock Music: A Tribute to Weezer Actually DOES Rock!
Dalek's Negro Necro Nekros: A feast of sound
Painfully close: Mono by The Icarus Line
Reverend Horton Heat's Lucky 7: A Lucky Break
Nickelback Land Silver Side Up
The Fallout Puts Default on the Map
...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead
B-Boy Heaven: We Came From Beyond
Taking Back Sunday Takes the Teen Punk Route
Point: God Bless Cornelius
the worst you can do is harm may be the best you can do
Time To Meet the X-Ecutioners
Pure Party Pleasure with Andrew W.K.
Scorpion King: At Least the Soundrack is Good
Big Band Music from Fantomas & Melvins: Millennium Masterwork
Thursday: N.J.'s Finest
Melvins: 18 and only getting better
The Big Ka-Boom, Part One
Move Over Sub-Par Punk -- The Kickovers Are Here
Blood Money From a Master: Tom Waits
Tom Waits' Alice
The Tragically Hip are back In Violet Light
The Mooney Suzuki Sure Can Rock
Spanning the Musical World With MusT
Metal Rules... Well, Rules!
Exclusive Listen: Candiria's The C.O.M.A. Imprint
Live stories from the Naked City
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