About NT Today:
With an unrivaled staff of local, regional, and global contributors, Nighttimes.com is a true entertainment community. The task of writing, reporting, and editing entertainment-related content representative of our readership is a collaborative, volunteer effort, striving to offer a thoughtful and balanced site with each new article. We try to mix genres, tastes, and moods to keep the reader always guessing and experiencing new artists and expressions of music, film, and reading.

If you're interested in joining the forces of nighttimes.com to battle giant conglomerate powers with personal expression, or as an outlet to exercise your creative writing, contact managing editor Julia Gordon-Bramer at: wordgirl@nighttimes.com, or editor Mike Hess at mhess@nighttimes.com.

NT History:
In December 1994, a monthly print publication called Night Times hit the streets of St. Louis. Founded by Julia Gordon, NT quickly grew to collect a team of like-minded music obsessives searching for a creative outlet and a chance to change their small corner of the world. The first issue was distributed in February 1995. Over the following three years, Night Times garnered itself a community of avid readers, contributors, and hangers-on. It soon stretched beyond its borders of St. Louis to neighboring Illinois and Missouri college towns and subscribers spanning from coast to coast. More than 20,000 people a month looked to NT for music reviews, interviews and show previews, presented with humor, passion, and with a St. Louis perspective.

Major advertisers such as Sight and Sound Distributors (aka, Streetside Records), Contemporary Productions, BMG, as well as local niteclubs and hotspots knew their ads in Night Times would get maximum exposure for their target demographic.

Today, Night Times is online, doing what its always done best: reporting on and having fun with music and entertainment. Nighttimes.com posts new articles and reviews on the home page Wednesdays and Sundays, and past articles remain archived for viewing anytime.

The NT Company:
Night Times, L.L.C. is a diversified media company including print and online publications, in addition to music promotion and other entertainment events. Night Times' core purpose is to enhance the entertainment community across America, by creating and promoting local, regional, national and international live and recorded music, books, and film, as well as to provide a respected venue for writers to publish their work. The founder, managing editor and publisher of nighttimes.com and Night Times, L.L.C. is Julia Gordon-Bramer.

Whatever product or service you're marketing, if you're looking to reach a young, educated audience, you'll find an unrivaled editorial environment that engages your target audience in Nighttimes.com.

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